I have been very satisfied with Perri since the install 9 years ago. This spring I scheduled the usual check up.

After all was done the tech who was very polite said we needed a new start capacitor for the compressor. He priced it at $316 for the parts and labor. He removed it and showed my wife then put it back. Long story short.

This is a $30 OEM part and took me 12 minutes to replace it. Then they tried to sell an electronic air filter because he found "MOLD" in the fan unit. Nine years of inspections and this year I have mold. I need to have an honest service company.

My wife not knowing would have paid over $300 UN-necessarily.

ADIOS PERRI. No more referrals, only warnings now.

Monetary Loss: $316.

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Union, New Jersey, United States #1188185

The problem with customers looking up the cost of the part is that they dont figure in the cost of the technicians hourly rate + the small profit in which the company would like to make which is the reason any company is in business and furthermore.. most people do not have the proper know-how or skills needed to install the part themselves, at least properly...

I'm surprised it took them so long to try gouging you. But glad U caught it.

Maybe he was overpricing U, or maybe he wasn't. I don't really know. But since U were a long time customer, I think U should've gotten better service. Especially from someone who could be more trustworthy.
I recently called my long term hvac company, only to be told it was too cold to come out to give me an estimate on a new a/c unit.

Too cold for an estimate ? Well....they are now, no longer my hvac company. They had come out during last summer to check my unit. Told me it needed a bunch of freon and proceeded to add it at a cost of over $500.

Said it should last all summer. It didn't. When I called and told them, that was the story they gave me. Have to wait for my estimate on a new unit.

Sounded to me like they didn't even want the job. So now they won't get it. :p
And what is this *** with a hvac contractor refusing to sell U the brand of unit U want in your home ? Had one guy here that would only install Coleman equipment, even tho I insisted on not wanting that brand.

Seems to me he had a few extra units he needed to dump and wanted to dump them on me. Nu-uhhh...not this gal. My Coleman equipment had just died on me after 7 yrs. Too short if U ask me.

I hadn't put it in, so I had no warranty. It was in the house when I bought it.
And when I asked them to come service it every year, they told me they couldn't because it was a sealed unit and they couldn't get into it to check it. Huh ??? And they still sell these things this way ?

What is going on ? :?
Jamesburg, New Jersey, United States #651119

Why do you say the part did not need replacing? I do not work for aj perri, I do work in the field and read through post like yours and all the others to see where company's are lacking or excelling.

Yes that part might only cost $30/$40, but you and many others don't seem to understand what it cost to have a business in nj. As business owners are entitled to a profit and for there employees to make a decent living. Price gouging is not right in any way but think about what it cost to send a certified trained experienced tech out to your house. The schooling that that tech paid for the insurance for the company, for the van, the gas for the van, the parts on the truck, the outrages taxes, there's so much to it that homeowners are not seeing but because you bought that part off the Internet your an expert now?

Did you test that capacitor?

Do you even know what a capacitor does? With out looking it up....

to Hvac expert Brick Township, New Jersey, United States #799596

Yeah, it gives an additional surge to a motor to turn blower wheel amongst other things.

My turn you are the pro do you know what a manometer is never met a plumber or appliance tech that know what it is except for my techs. TOUCHE!

and a 10 x mark-up is gouging the norm is 25 to 40% for legit co.

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