We were happy customers of AJ Perri for our two homes for several years until now. Even though we paid 2x or 3x more for AJ Perri's services than other service providers, we did not mind because AJ Perri gets the job done when we needed it.

We had to replace the air conditioning unit at our shore house after it had been submerged in water due to Sandy. The sales person came on time as scheduled, went to check out the air conditioning unit and then asked where my husband was. I explained that he could not make it to the shore house the last minute because something came up at work. The sales person said he could not provide me with a quote without my husband there because that is company policy.

I explained I took a day off from work, drove 2 hours to the shore house to meet him and offered to speak to his manager to explain the situation in the hope that I can get a quote to make a decision. But the sales person would not call his manager but offered to meet with my husband and I at our primary residence and left. What a waste of my time! I called AJ Perri immediately after the sales person left and asked to speak with the Sales Manager.

I was put on hold several times while the agent attempted to get the Sales Manager to speak to me but in the end, I was offered to send them an email or leave a voice mail.

We had given AJ Perri several thousands of dollars in business and that's how bad we were treated! We are very angry - AJ Perri customers no more !

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Newark, New Jersey, United States #815472

Oh no redeye...it isn't going to work on me. I have read every complaint in here.

I will have someone here when they come, but they will be very busy and will not be sitting down to listen to their shpiel. If they don't like that, they can leave.

No sale !!

I'm sure I will be the better for it.

I am the sole homeowner and I write the checks. If they don't want to talk to me, tough noogies.

Boonton, New Jersey, United States #778019

They refused to come out for an estimate without my wife being present with me. I refused and based on this and other reviews I would not have them ever give me a quote.

No other HVAC vendor requires both spouses to be present before a quote is provided.

to Rambo Absecon, New Jersey, United States #799599

part of the hustle if you watched AMERICAN HUSTLE the scam is to

say no no I can't do that till you are ready to do what ever aj perri wants these guys are slick.

The sad part is it works

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