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I called AJ Perri service man to check why I am not getting hot water in shower and heat in baseboard,

the service man came and able to start the heat in just 5 minutes, hot water was flowing and there is heat in base board, he said he needs to do more work then gave me a quote for 600 + tax he said he needs to fix and bleed air from pipes, I told him I found the price high and suggested I will need to compare his price with other contractor,

he did something after we talked and the next day I still do not have hot water and heat, I tried to check carefully what happened

and this is what I found out

when the service man arrived , he found out that one of the control valves was shut down so he just opened the valve and the heat was on in 2 minutes, when I told him I have to compare his quote with other companies, he shut down the same valve, that is why I did not have heat the next day, the guy is trying to rip me off , to pay him 600 $ for a job which does not require any further work to be done , So beware of this company and never deal with these crooks

I hope the company will get rid of these people who affects the integrity of the company, but then I have learned my lesson it is still the company that will bear the blame and will suffer all the consequencies.

Reason of review: dishonest.

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